Interview with Dana Fuchs, Sadie in the movie Across the Universe

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It was short after 8 pm. The blue sky, tempting everyone to buy at least two scoops of ice cream, turned grey. However, after a few minutes of the thrilling waiting, the sun finally came back. It had the form of Dana Fuchs and her wonderful, hoarse voice that chased every single raindrop away.
Her voice and life energy was filling the air of Olomouc's Upper Square till 10 pm on the 1st of July. Our city couldn't imagine any better start of summer holiday. Immersed in the waves of blues, country blues, rock and, of course, rock'n'roll, Dana Fuchs and her band was spredding "carpe diem", peace & love.
All the members of Dana Fuchs's band were fantastic too, Jon Diamond on guitar, Piero Perelli on drums and Walter Latupeirissa on bass. On their show in Olomouc, they were joined by a guitarist Steve Walsh.
The fabulous American singer was enjoying her performance with enthousiastic playing the tambourine and for one song, she took the guitar.
Now, let me introduce a few points of view of Dana Fuchs. I was happy to see her in the backstage and to ask her these questions, especially about The Beatles. I'm sorry I couldn't prepare it better - the idea of doing the interview with Dana had come to my mind at the very end of the concert, while she was performing Helter Skelter :). Thank you once again for your willingness, Dana and also Jon who helped me to get in.

Have you ever been to the Czech Republic before? To Olomouc?
Yes, this is my third show in the Czech Republic, but I've never been to Olomouc. This is the first time and I love it, it's such a beautiful, old city.

Do you like history?
Yes, I do. I think it's very important to know where you're going. History is the thing we always try to find out.

OK, let's move to music. What is your favourite musical instrument?
Well, I think piano. I love the sound of it and this is the first instrument I learnt to play, but I can barely play it. When I compose, I do it on guitar. Composing is much easier for me on guitar.

Do you know where your inspiration comes from?
You know, from many legendary musicians who made great music, inspiring. Amazing blues, jazz, rock, country musicians. And of course, like tonight, we are inspired by the people, by the audience. You're on stage, you're tired, don't know what to expect. And then, all of the sudden, I have all this energy that comes from the audience.

Do you then prefer playing live? Can you compare it with the studio?
Playing in studio is fun for creation, it's always good to close the door with an idea of a song and to try to make it in the studio. However, live performances are where the light really comes to my heart.

What do you imagine first while talking about the Beatles?
Wow… I remember being a little girl and my parents and my elder brothers had all the vinyls, you know. I listened to it over and over again. Especially the Sergeant Pepper and the song She's Leaving Home. I imagined myself running away from home, I was like seventeen years old, with a big suitcase… I knew every word of the songs and I love the Beatles. It was the first band I loved and also one of few that my parents, all my brothers, sister and me agreed on. All love the Beatles!

What do you think is the reason of the immortal popularity of the Beatles?
Yes, Beatles are always living, even among young kids. The age of their fans goes from 7 to 70 years old. I think this is because they wrote really timeless songs and they covered every genre. They covered the pop genre, they covered the motown sound, the psychedelic rock, glam rock… And each one like a different band! In such a short time, 10 years, theyshowed so many basis.

You played in the Across the Universe, how did you get the chance?
The director Julie Taymor saw me in a small village near New York, and sent me e-mail with the offer of acting in her new project. I accepted. Nine months later, I was still without any information, will I get it, won't I get it, it was like waiting for years! I didn't hear anything about it. In this time, Julie Taymor knew, she wrote the part for me after we met. It was the start of this incredible dream. Every job should be like that.

Did you met Paul McCartney?
No, he didn't want to be involved at first. He liked it afterwards. What's funny, he stayed very close to the places of the shooting three times. Long Island, New York City and New Jersey. He was near the area, just accidentally, but didn't come to see us.

One controversial question: Can drugs be good in combination with music?
Oh, not at all. Not today, only if you want no career. I think maybe in the 60's, 70's or in the 80's, even in the 90's in some cases… But you couldn't survive in the music world today if you take drugs. The Beatles experimented with more psychedelic drugs, it was very different. They were not drug addicts. They just tried it.

I really love your version of Helter Skelter. What is so exceptional about this song in your opinion?
Thank you! In the film, it was a really funny moment. We tried to do the song like as we knew that people who were seeing the film were ready to rock'n'roll. It's not my favourite Beatles song, I love it, but I have many others I didn't do for the Across the Universe. Another thing is that it is not so difficult to sing for me, as this is the way I normally sing, you know. Otherwise it would be much harder. Paul McCartney can sing it today probably just because he doesn't drink and doesn't take any drugs. He has to live like an athlete.

Are you happy right now?

Oh yeah! I'm always happy after a show with a good audience, during a good tour like this... So, let's celebrate life!


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