Why do I love The Beatles? (For Mr. Clive and others interested)

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I was a five-year-old girl and my father still lived with us. There was a period when I loved to ask people what their favourite things are. What's your favourite colour? Book? Animal? Once I asked my father who I was usually ashamed to talk to: "Dad, who's your favourite singer?" He thought for a moment (the truth is it's quite usual for him) and then replied: "Probably The Beatles". The Beatles? But what's that? Certainly not a name of a singer. "It was a band, you know," he replied to my uncomprehending face. "A very famous band. Absolutely brilliant." I was angry but didn't say anything - I was shy.
At the age of seven, I started to watch cartoons on TV. It was something new, full of colours and funny characters. We, my elder brother and me, were enthusiastic and we spent a lot of time in front of the screen. Once, my father brought a new cartridge with some cartoon - it was called "Yellow Submarine" and he wanted, unusually, to watch it with us. Well, it started. Some little figures and many colours, but there was something we - the children - didn't like. Comparing it with the other films we had seen - outmoded and odd (I am really ashamed to admit it now). So, dad finished watching and we were playing somewhere else. OK, but any of these stories isn't the very reason for my later passion. Nevertheless, they may show my first contacts with the group which forms a big part of my present life.

Some years later, I was doing some shopping with my mum in the centre of Olomouc. And there was a moment, not very extraordinary, when something inside of me changed. It was connected with the song "Yesterday" (Interesting: the most played song in the world! I still wonder why exactly.) I said to myself: "Yes, it's a good song. No, it's a damn good song!" It was playing in my head then. My mind started to anticipate some changes. In those days, Paul McCartney had a concert in Prague for the first time. My dad didn't hesitate a moment (not so usual for him) and he bought the tickets. But he did so before asking me and my brother if we didn't want to go with him. Unfortunately I was only 10 and my brother wasn't interested. I thought my mother would not agree with travelling back after midnight. Nowadays I'm realising I made one of my biggest mistakes.

The true love began when my schoolmates started to laugh at me. I was different, I didn't wear jeans and short T-shirts. I got good notes. But I was so and I could not change myself. I didn't want it either. Instead, I found some CDs at home, all of The Beatles. 4 pieces. I listened to it again and again. Wonderful music. I was in another world. I understood nothing - our English teacher was doing the present continuous all the year. I knew nothing about the band, its members or history. But the music caught me in its warm arms and safely dandled me through life which hasn't always been easy. I wasn't ashamed to tell my schoolmates the truth: "No, I don't listen to Britney Spears neither the hip-hop. Mine are The Beatles." OK, I admit that their laugh wasn't very pleasant but I stood it. I knew it was my life and I would live it according to me, not the stupid teenagers.

I changed the school and I started to attend the grammar school. Many interesting and willing people, friendly teachers, lockers for everyone and better lunches. My happy adolescence (such a nice oxymoron, isn't it J?) started and I found very good friends in my new class. It may seem that I didn't need more to hide myself in the world of music. OK, but it doesn't mean I finished with The Beatles. The opposite is true: My brother discovered the wonderful world of internet downloading (hush, please J) and he picked up all the albums of The Beatles. ALL! I was absolutely excited. This was the moment I realised that The Beatles are the passion of my life. Every day I listened to at least two albums. I read the books, I watched the films, I found the information, all about The Beatles. I found my own style. I knew that if I ever had a boyfriend, he had to love The Beatles. My friends were discovering the beauty of these songs step by step and I still want to spread the Beatles culture between young people.

Now I am 17 and my love is still the same or it has even grown. And though I have been interested in The Beatles since more than 5 years, I still find new matters of interest: Songs, nice covers, interestings facts, beautiful photos. I write this blog and I will never lose subjects of articles. I saw Paul McCartney last year in Berlin. But it was so incredible that I can't believe it wasn't just an amazing dream. The Beatles are my dream. I can see them together as the young boys laughing and telling jokes with their English humour. They are not only on the walls of my room, on the LPs in my case or in books I have - they occupy a big part of my heart, of my thoughts, of my everyday life. Their music which cannot be "overlistened" helps me when I feel blue, their words written with such a facility help me to understand more the English, their cute faces make my days much more joyful. And though the times are changing, I don't stop to love The Beatles. Why? Because the world is round…

♥ Thank you, Paul, George, John and Ringo ♥

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1 K | 1. června 2011 v 15:19 | Reagovat

To je krásně napsaný, ty je musíš milovat snad ještě víc než já :-) Jenom se chci zeptat, jak jsi byla na tom Paulovi, jak jsi zjistila že bude mít koncert? Kdybych to věděla, určitě bych jela taky :-) Aještě jednou chválím článek, úplně výstižný

2 Ekorn | 1. června 2011 v 17:12 | Reagovat

Páni,když jsem to dočetla,tak jsem jenom dlouhou chvíli seděla a tupě se usmívala na monitor na těch několik vět.Opravdu hezky vystiženo :)

3 Czewa | Web | 1. června 2011 v 17:31 | Reagovat

Děkujuuu!!! Strašně jste mě potěšily! Já si někdy říkám, že Beatles jsou asi opravdu jediné téma, o kterém toho hodně vím. Stačí-li to, těžko říct, ale každopádně je to zároveň má láska a můj důvod se radovat ze života :).
K.: No, o tom koncertu mi řekl tatínek, ale když má Paul evropské turné, je pravděpodobné, že se ukáže i někde v zemi nám poblíž (nejlépe v naší že :D). Informace o Paulových koncertech jinak najdeš na jeho oficiálních stránkách http://www.paulmccartney.com/home.php. O turné se většinou ví hodně dopředu, takže stačí, když se tam občas mrkneš. A neboj, kdyby se snad takový koncert konal, já o tom hned napíšu ;-)  :-)

4 K | 1. června 2011 v 20:58 | Reagovat

Dík, snad se tady ještě někdy ukáže, jestli jo, prostě si to vydupu i kdyby to mělo stát nevím kolik :-)

5 Czewa | Web | 3. června 2011 v 17:23 | Reagovat

No jasně, na takové věci se šetřit nedá, to je zážitek na celý život :)

6 emilie=^.^= | 2. července 2011 v 21:57 | Reagovat

Chyba jesteśmy podobne :D. Moja miłość do The Beatles zaczęła się podobnie jak twoja- od ojca. Całe pieniądze za miesiąc pracy (dawno dawno temu) wydał na komplet wszystkich płyt winylowych. Ja też usłyszałam przypadkiem piosenke, "Here comes the sun". A w szkole miałam identyczne przeżycia.

7 Clive Everill | E-mail | 24. února 2012 v 15:56 | Reagovat

Eva...seems I made a BIG mistake today...I know I HAD read some of your blog...really I had...but had struggled with my 'Czech' ;-) Somehow, I missed this gem!! I could offer you many reasons why...but I won't - I missed it...but today, I made up for it. Thanks for writing it in English...thanks for taking the time & effort to do that...and thanks for putting me on the spot today ;-) I'm not perfect...never said I was :D! Of all the questions to ask!! :-o But I'm glad I did...keep up the good work. Mr E

8 Klér | 11. září 2012 v 17:24 | Reagovat

Nádherně napsáno:)..miluju tu větu: I can see them together as the young boys laughing and telling jokes with their English humour...

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